Our Dumb Lives

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My Generation, Baby!

The great thing about Martinis: they loosen the inhibitions of the mind. The scary thing about Martinis: they loosen the inhibitions of the mind.  We discuss the games we play, donating your stuff to people who need it, the world of current events, the difference of our generation and our parents generation and our Christmas experiences as children. We also have awesome listener questions this week, which causes us to break into song.

It's Martini time!

It's Martini time!


Gil Girard! Tara met Gil Girard! That's all you really need to know, although we also cover Crypticon fun. first kisses, Stranger Things 2, party rooms, Force Awakens vs Rogue One, nakedness, and much more! 



The one where we return after 3 years.

We're back in the saddle, baby! It's like there was never a break in the action. We now return to you, in a new location of Island Bunker T.

Things get freaky as we escape to our own little realm. Won't you please join us this week as we discuss Cosplay, Cheshire cats, driveway surprises and other tidbits of living on the EastSide. Handy tips like how to handle people who are tweaking in line at the pharmacy, and share in our Zombie Apocalypse plans.